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The Magic Number 7

The Magic Number 7

You probably realise by now that I like the number 7.

In this email, I am going to read your mind, using my
"psychic powers" and the number 7.

To help in this mystery, you will need a calculator.

But remember, my psychic powers are infallible. If this
mystery doesn't work, it's because YOU didn't understand
the instructions!


Think of any whole number less than 700.

Try to visualise your number in the space below.


Think of your number HERE (less than 700).


Now send the number to me psychically (by telepathy).

Use your calculator and divide your number by 7.

Look at the answer on the calculator.

Add up the first 6 figures that appear AFTER the decimal point.
(If there aren't any, then the number you thought of was a
multiple of 7. Think of a different number.)

Now I am going to use my "psychic powers" to tell you the
total you have just calculated.

Do you believe me?
Look at the number below.

Word Checker
infallible: incapable of making a mistake
psychic: inexplicable by natural laws
telepathy: communication between people by thought only
whole number: a number without fractions

The number you calculated was: 27

Watch for another 7 Secrets email soon.

Josef Essberger, Founder

reference :http://www.englishclub.com